I have two letters of settlement paid in full by my ex-husband to him from Calavry Portfolio. It was his debt and he paid in full and gave me copy of the letters.

They keep trying to collect extra monies from me on this debt with different people and I have to go through the hassle of faxing the letters. I am onto the 4th company that Calavry is trying to use to collect.

Each time I fax the letters of the settlement paid in full the collection company apologizes, but Calavry keeps forwarding it on. I am tired of being harassed by this company!

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How can I join this suit? im being sued in az after 5 yrs.


even if you agree to pay them and pay..most of the time they will set up a 3 year plan in most states statute of limitations is 4 years on the 3rd year they will file a lawsuit against you and intentionally serve the wrong address in an effort to get a default judgement against you.do not give them anything or agree to pay them anything they will get your wages garnished but there are ways to get around this as well. they are cowardly thieves hiding behind the system and committing fraud and perjury on a collosal scale with zero reprecussion from cowards that call themselves federal agents sworn to protect the taxpayers.


Cavalry Portfolio offered me a settlement (23 cents on a dollar) if I paid it within 4 days, they told me it would be settled after this. I asked for proof in writeing and they sent me a letter that states "they have been authorised to negotiate a 1 time offer to settle my account" the letter is a tricky swirl of words that should state they are taking 1500 bucks from me and then we will talk about the rest. I wont send them anything


There is no one to enforce rules and regulations for this and other companies like it so making payments and sending registered letters is a waste of time and will only make them try harder to get your money. Do not send any money to this company even if it is owed.

They will try to settle for a portion of the bill, then they readjust your account to show partial payment, then they sell the remaining debt to another debt collector or they will continue to collect the remainder. This cycle will never end with a "paid in full account".

The only thing you can do is provide evidence to a judge in person that this has been done. Good Luck!

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