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Sent: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 3:54 pm

Subject: Fwd: Swindling innocent people out of income resulting from their being falsely accused of owing phony and unpaid bills invented by the Jensen family Mafia, also operating inside of the IRS

Section I - Swindling innocent people out of income, resulting from their being falsely accused of owing phony and unpaid bills invented by the Jensen family Mafia, also operating inside of the IRS being supervised by Kenneth Fried (Jensen). By: GS P.L. Davis Sr. (Revision A)

1. I just received a call to my telephone number for Trina Downs, from Calvary Portfolio Services in Arizona. I have heard of Trina Downs by Jensen family FBI radio communications, but does not live at my address and also does not have my same telephone number, bur I suspect she is being used to embezzle my fixed asset restitution, my financial portfolio, and to kidnap my personal restitution family of faithful and suitable personal female companions associated with Arlene A. Madrid away from me since 1994 while I was still living in Los Angeles, Ca., and for George W. Bush, who has been pretending to be the head of my household while embezzling my property damages and fixed asset restitution legally awarded to me by the legally qualified US Supreme Court since January 9, 1993, at the same time. 1888 716 0010 6/25/2008 2:52:05 PM


WEB RESULTS1. CALVARY PORTFOLIO @ Pissed ConsumerCALVARY PORTFOLIO Complaints: How to Fight Against the Cavalry Portfolio Services Collection Agency ... Calvary Portfolio Services -- Outdated/Outrageous Debt ...calvary-portfolio.pissedconsumer.com - 74k - Cached2. Ripoff Report Search Results: CALVARYCalvary Portfolio They keep calling my apartment to pay them some 300 dollars ... Calvary Portfolio Sent summons to old address recieved judgement by default ...ripoffreport.com/searchresults.asp?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&...&q5=CALVARY - Cached3. Calvary Portfolio Services - fathers debt on my creditAN AMOUNT OF $9927 DEBT WAS DISCOVERED ON MY EQUIFAX REPORT THIS AM. THIS IS MY ... Calvary Portfolio Services complaint by DONGARRA5 ...4. calvary-portfolio-services.pissedconsumer.com/ ... - 80k

Calvary Portfolio Services is an illegal Jensen family ex FBI frame up, to jealously swindle innocent people, to invent and charge them for nonexistent balances, payments, phony accounts, just to destroy their credit histories and to embezzle illegally obtained income from innocent people after being falsely accused of owning past due bills, unpaid debts invented by the Jensen family, and already should have been stopped by the Federal Trade Commission, the Los Angeles Police Bunco – Forgery Dept., or by the Fraud and Scams section of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. a long time ago.

Sincerely, GS Phillip L. Davis, Sr.Illinois ID 1206 7251 317D6931 S. Crandon Ave. #2BChicago, IL. 60649-1789(773) 288 8760 (773) 752 8324

Section II - Other relatives of the Jensen family, operating as the Jensen family Law Enforcement Industry Mafia, a secret society of membership card acrrying worshippers of satan

1. Other relatives of the Jensen family include, the legally convicted Ex Judge Henry A. Budzinski (Jensen), the demagogue of the Chicago Mafia of Satan, and his also legally convicted, body tampering, mass murder, and investment property embezzling, crime committing co perpetrators, mostly relatives of the same Jensen Family, including Albert N. Moskowitz (Jensen) USDOJ, William Rehnquist (Jensen) USSC, Antonin Scalia (Jensen) USSC, Anthony M. Kennedy (USSC), Stansfield Turner (Jensen) USN, John Calleveras (Jensen), Younker Forest (Jensen), Steve Cooley (Jensen), William Lockyer (Jensen), Sgt. Weston (Jensen) CHP - State Police, Henry A. Budzinski (Jensen) CCCC, James W. Kennedy (Jensen) CCCC, Eugene Wilson (Jensen) CCCC, Ronald Reagan (Jensen), John Van De Kamp (Jensen), Edward Hanrahan (Jensen), James Moran (Jensen) USDC, Sean Mc Cann (Jensen) CCSAO, Philip Cline (Jensen) CPD, Jerome Graber (Jensen) BOP, Kim Widup (Jensen) USMS, Robert Trono (Jensen) USMS, Robert Mueller (Jensen) FBI, Gary Altobello (Jensen) USDOJ, Donald Norton (Jensen) USDOJ, 'Dr.' Jerry Stiff (Jensen), Gary Arkiss (Jensen) AGIL, Greg Afsharian (Jensen-Pasadena Police), Rosenberg (Jensen-Northeast LAPD), Weisman (Jensen-Rampart LAPD), Robert Lee Jensen ex-FBI, Jackie Jensen, George Jensen ex-FBI, Henry M. Paulson (Jensen) USDOTreasury, Robert Kimmitt (Jensen) USDOTreasury, Stuart Levey (Jensen) USDOTreasury, Kenneth Fried (Jensen) USDOTreasury, William Bratton (Jensen) LAPD, Richard Devine (Jensen) CCSAO, Robert Lee Jensen, NDIL US District Court Judge James F. Holderman (Jensen), Harry Leinenweber (Jensen), James Moran (Jensen), Wayne Andersen (Jensen), Robert Kimmit (Jensen), 3000 more legally convicted Jensen family relatives operating inside of the Chicago FBI, John G. Roberts Jr., George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, the female members of the so called Jackson Family, 85 legally convicted Chicago Police impersonators, and other relatives of the penal code violating Jensen family, have been operating as a secret society of membership card carrying worshippers of satan, as the telephone order false prosecution crime committing Chicago Mafia of Satan, are also the perpetrators of a crime I discovered called spiritual assault and battery, that has been responsible for 98 % of all crimes being committed by other people in remote locations around the world since 1897, and have also been operating as a cancer frame up and other medical illness conspiracy crime committing body tampering mafia at the same time. (Revision A- 23-May-2007)

2. They have also been jealously embezzling my legal ownership of Motown away from me since January 14, 1973 and all of my self produced and unreleased demo record productions with hit sing and high income potential since 1967, for the same reasons, just to prevent me from having a successful, prosperous, and financially secure lifestyle, they have also been jealously embezzling away from me and for themselves while also pretending to be the songwriters and producers of my over 1067 self composed and 1st copyrighted, original and unpublished, music productions with hit song and high income potential, that did not already exist before I first composed them as demo rhythm, track record productions inside of my home recording studio starting back in 1967 at the same time.

3. Those US facilities are being operated under the illegal criminal authority of a civil rights violating, phony, and privately owned dept of corrections agency called the US Bureau of Prisons, without any charter with any government department or agency, pretending to be the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and have been illegally holding people against their own free will, and while those death penalty body tampering and hillside strangler false prosecution crime committing inmates, are also unscrupulously siphoning their inspiration, initiative, incentive, success potential, technology, and capability of operating successfully away from unknowing people while using espionage equipment to invade their privacy at the same time, just for their own self serving and criminally motivated reasons and while operating as the perpetrators of penal code violating high crimes of insurrection and treason against the people and the legally operating US Government at the same time, just to prevent them from having more successful lifestyles than if they were living independently in free society, at the same time.

4. William Rehnquist (Jensen), or John Proger, supervisor of mass murder hillside strangler false prosecutions, and the demagogue of the Supreme Court Recording Industry Mafia, in the illegal production of bootlegged sound recordings from my jealously stolen demo tapes since 1967, has been also been using slander, false statements, free society 3rd party illegal restraining orders, embezzling, kidnapping and threatening my female companions, stealing my incoming postal mail and telephone calls, and has even been committing hillside strangler false prosecutions against my personal female companions, just to jealously prevent my suitable female companions and I from communicating with each other ever since they were first jealously stolen away from me starting on July 13, 1963, and also after they were legally awarded to me as personal restitution on January 18, 1993 also at the same time. 2/2/2008 10:15:08 PM (Revision A5 02-Feb-2008)

5. George H.W. Bush, John G Roberts Sr., Henry A. Budzinski (Jensen), and Robert Lee Jensen (Rehnquist) or John Proger, have been jealously stealing, listening to, plagiarizing, laundering, stealing trade secrets from, and embezzling my unfinished demo record productions of my self composed, original, and never heard before, music compositions with hit song and high income potential away from me since I was 15 years old, because they did not want for me to become more successful than their own sons could become, and while also trying to keep themselves from having to pay restitution they already owed to me since July 13, 1963, and is why they have been jealously squandering my time throughout my productive lifetime at the same time, including right now, and why can’t I obtain restraining orders to keep them from continuing to embezzle my property, from kidnapping my personal restitution family members from embezzling my mail, incoming telephone calls, my legally awarded restitution, my sources of income, my mother’s estate, from threatening to murder my relatives, from continuously and stalkingly invading my privacy, and from communizing my free society personal lifestyle? Thank you. 1/31/2008 6:22:18 AM (Revision A6 02-Feb-2008)

Sincerely, GS Phillip L. Davis, Sr. –

6931 S. Crandon Ave #2B –Chicago, Illinois 60649-1789(773) 752 8324 voice –(773) 288 8760 fax / voicemail

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