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I was a former employee at cavarly portfolio services and ..let me tell you about this company while i worked there ..they very very rude and disrespectful towards consumers they are also trained to hang up on consumers,if a consumer ask to speak to a manager there we are trained to send consumers to managers voice mail..these are the managers that are very rude....benito cintron....robertino gooding....gino archer..donald strauch ....and the nice manager is anthony aquilino .....i was terminated because i took the consumers side and helped her with her problems the right way ......theyarehorrible!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #36359

Anothe bitter and disgrunted ex employee. You know perhaps they terminated you from your employement because they found out you lied about your age.

They found out you were under 16 and not legally old enough to work.

Tell me since you are only nine years old(or are acting that age in this letter, I apologize if you are older) how did you get them to hire you in the first place. Are you big for your age.

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