pay your debts and you have no problems little do people know cavps is here to help at the end of the day wouldnt be in business had you paid your DEBT

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YOU must work for them - you can't even type a sentence using proper grammar and punctuation. Perfect example of the company's practices (improper and illegal).

Hope you enjoy your low-paying, crappy job while your employers rip off those who are uneducated, elderly, disabled, and most disgusting of all, members of our military. Remember what they say about karma.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #1234639

Well, sometimes this thing called "life" gets in the way. In any event, you might want to remind yourself that you're one accident or illness or job loss from being in the same boat. Sanctimony will only get you so far.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1177942

I beat them at there own game, they're scam company, remember who your opponent is. Remember people beat them at there own game.

Produce paper work and show the judges how crooked they are. Send reviews BBB and other complaints about them to there lawyers representing them and ask them where is your integrity at.

I had there lawyer in court saying he had a reputation to keep and sided with me, the judge agreed and said if the Lawyer haven't taken a stance he was still throwing the case out. Beat them at there own game.


No doubt you work for this vile company, otherwise you wouldn't be praising them so highly. Some people do pay their debts, yet blood suckers like Cavalry still prey on whomever they think will be *** enough to pay under threats and duress.

Threats don't work with everyone. Live and learn.

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