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I arrived home from work on Oct 27, 2016 and found a letter in my mailbox from my job claiming that I'd been taken to court and had a wage garnishment claim placed against me. The next day I contacted human resources to find out what was going on since I knew I had no debt and was told that the claim was from a company called Cavalry.

I contacted Cavalry and was greeted with a messages claiming that I'd reach the law office of bla, bla, bla and that this was an attempt to collect a debt. I was advised to wait for the next rep and some guy answered the phone and asked me for my name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of my SS number. He went on to say that they were hired by HSBC to collect a debt on an Orchard MasterCard for the amount of $7,166.66. I was like, Wait!!!!!

first of all this card was placed with a debt consolidation program back in 2007, second how in the *** is it that I owe nearly seven thousand dollars on a credit card that only had a credit limit of $800.00 and wasn't even maxed out when I put it with the consolidation program. The guy only said, Well they didn't accept your offer when you placed it with the consolidation company and the reason it's now so much is because of interest and court fees. I then asked, Well if they didn't accept the consolidation why wasn't I notified? Why take me to court and not notify me that I was being sued.

Had they simply contacted me and said we received your offer for a consolidation and we regret to inform you that we're declining it I would have worked out some kind of payment arrangement with them back in 2007. However because I wasn't notified about any of this I just assumed that all the credit cards I placed with the consolidation program were being paid off. I begged this guy to work something out with me and told him I was willing to pay what I originally owed on the card which was about $659.00 dollars and that I was willing to pay Orchard $75.00 to $100.00 on the 20th of each month until the balance was paid in full. I went on to explain that if they decided to go through with this garnishment, that I may find myself being homeless and that they were only putting me in more debt with other creditors.

I was like how am I suppose to pay my rent, go to doctors appointments, buy my medication, pay my bills and such with only $622.00 dollars every two weeks. The guy was like, Okay let me contact my client and tell them about your offer and I'd call you back as soon as possible today. I gave the guy my phone number and you know what??? He never called me back!

Instead they just decided to garnish my wages anyway. It got so bad that I had to go to court where they originally filed and spoke with an attorney who gave me some free legal advise and told me to file an exception. That was almost two months ago and I still haven't heard anything while these guys are milking me for every penny. I decided to contact Orchard Bank, but when I typed the name in the search on the computer it takes me straight to Capital One who has no ideal what I'm talking about.

I then contacted HSBC and talked to a rep regarding my old account, but was told she couldn't find anything on me. The lady from HSBC then told me she would transfer me to collection to see if they had anything on file. I was transferred to collection and they too couldn't find anything on me and from there I was told I would be transferred to Recovery. The guy I spoke to in recovery asked me for my name, date of birth, and the last four digits of my SS number and was able to pull up my old account.

I asked him what was the credit limit on the card before it was closed, the balance on the account when it was closed, and when was it placed in collection considering I tried to pay them through a debt consolidation and I'm being told they didn't accept it, but never bother to notify me to let me know. The guy was like well we sold the account to Cavalry and they would be able to give you any information you need regarding the account. I was like, but isn't Cavalry a law office collection the money on your behalf. They guy from HSBC said and I quote.


Once the account is sold to a debt collection agency we have or don't want anything to do with it. He went on to say that if Cavalry is telling me that they're collecting on behalf of HSBC then the information they're providing to me is false!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cavalry Portfolio Services Debt Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Way both your rep represented themselves, Not notifying me properly to work this out, Sitting on this debt only to gain money.

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They send me a W-9 form to fill, cause they need my SSI#


they call me and had to get bit angry with the guy cause he claim i owe HSBC ( even if it was charge off guess they brought from hsbc ) over 1000 and they wanted 615 and i try to explain to them that i wanted the paperwork to settle on my terms or mainly on my budget and he told me i see you in court and told me grow up next time i speak to lawyer

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1263424

1. Contact an attorney and get a free consult to see what, if anything you can do.


You might want to make sure they don't have your bank name, account, etc. details or you could find your bank account garnished also.

to h.kitchener Los Angeles, California, United States #1263593

Hello h.kitchener,

There's a lot more to the story, but I didn't want to be over detailed. No they don't have my bank account number, but they sure tried to get it.

You see after the first guy didn't call me back I called back to check up on what was going on. (You have to understand that I though I was actually dealing with attorneys and lawyers here who was doing this, because they talk as if they're attorneys) This was before I contacted HSBC.

1.) Yes I called back and spoke with a completely different guy name Michael who turned out to be a complete a-hole! When I explained the consolidation situation he was like, "Well it's not our fault you couldn't pay your bills and you had to get someone else to help you with your debt." Also he read my file and said they the first guy I spoke with wrote some notes under my name.

They completely twisted what we'd talked about. He was like I see here that you're agreeing to the garnishment and you're also willing to send us $75.00-$100.00 dollars on top of what we're taking. I was like that's not what we discussed.

2.) I also asked him about the court papers and asked why wasn't I notified to appear in court to fight this.

He was like we did send you papers and they were given to your roommate. When I told him that this was a false statement considering I live alone he then changed the story and said that the court papers were delivered to my address (An apartment building) and signed by someone named Robert, who I have no ideal who this was.

3.) He stated that I could settled this whole thing and have the garnishment removed if I simply wrote them a check for $5,000.00 dollars, which I declined to do, not that I would have but because I didn't have that kind of money.

4.) When he was told how much my take home pay was he advised me to contact human resources or the pay department of my job, because based on how much I told him I make he didn't think they could take money from me anyway. I did this and tried to set up a payment plan with him and he was like send us a personal check. I said NO because I didn't want them having my checking account number.

I asked if I sent in a money order how would I be notified that a payment was received, was there a website I could go to in order to see how much I was paying, and such and he was like no!

He flat out told me that the only way I could see what was being taking from my account was to send them a personal check and I could keep track of payments through my bank. I though this was very strange and told him I wouldn't be doing this and hung up the phone!!!

Moscow, Idaho, United States #1263421

It is important not to panic, but you need more help than we can give here. Research "statute of limitations" and read debt collections on "clark.com" or other advisors.

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