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This company has filed a false judgement against me. I do not owe any money to anyone nor have I been notified that I do. I have had no notice from them about anything that I owe. Just a bogus judgement against me and I can not get any info from this company about it. It has negatively affected my credit rating and this company will not help in any way to give me any information why they filed this judgement???? Hss anyone else had this... Read more

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I have requested debt validation form this debt collector multiple times. I have even attempted to settle this debt to remove it form my credit report because I do not believe I am responsible for this debt. They failed to contact me or send me a validation documentation that this account is mine. Now they continue to report false and inaccurate and it has caused me to be denied for a mortgage! It's outrageous!! I don't know where else to turn... Read more

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Left a message on phone identifying themselves as Cavalry Portfolio Services, a debt collector, saying to call 888-229-6009 ext. 31559. They never gave a referral number or said who the message was for or who they were trying to reach. Never heard of them before and do not want to talk with them. I've heard that they leave messages so you will call back, and when you do they ask for your name and phone number then if you give it to them, they... Read more

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I paid all my bills and Cavalry Portfolio Services keeps calling me up saying I still owe. They continue to call over and over and have no proof and will not listen to me what so ever. I am 86 years old and don't need no more of their nonsence. this company is insane. they won't give me any information and want me to pay them. NOT! how do companies survive with this kind of business? I saw they have a bad record with BBB, so I am not afraid of... Read more

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This is a serious place I have ever done business with I'm very dissatisfied these people are here to rob you if you do business with them you're an absolute ***. They say they are located in America but I highly doubt that none of them can speak English more likely probably Egypt. I strongly suggest avoiding any contact with this company Add comment

They keep sending back a letter (1 year instead of the 30 days required), stating the request is "frivolous or irrelevant" and therefore no investigation is warranted. These people have lied about the collection to the credit companies and will not rectify the discrepancy. This has continued for the last 2 years and now I am considering suing this agency for liable. My attorney is confident they will finally comply. We will see... Not to be... Read more

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pay your debts and you have no problems little do people know cavps is here to help at the end of the day wouldnt be in business had you paid your DEBT Read more

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I was hit with a wage garnishment 3 days before my pay period on a check that I normally use for rent. That being said, I had heard nothing from this company since 2009 - they have not tried to contact me or keep in touch with me, nor was there any attempt to give me a chance to pay off the amount, which is a paltry amount, and if they had, I would have made arrangements. Not only have I not been contacted, but the last time I attempted to... Read more

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Staff Member was rude, presumptuous and arrogate. I felt threatened and accused of a crime. I would not recommend you use them to collect a debt. Robert Williams was "the mediator" and called me on a debt which was beyond the statue of legal limitations in Florida. This firm has a goal of threatening people to earn a buck. The initial call was misleading. The called James indicated that a claim had been filed against me which was not just a... Read more

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Received a summons and complaint. Told woman who was serving it was not me. The middle initial was not mine and it was the first time I ever seen that bill. I watched her right in front of me change the middle initial on her copy of summons. I gave a letter to the courts w/bill n copy of summons and sent it to their law office certified mail. Today I received a pre-trial date and it is disgusting. Why am I getting screwed for someone I... Read more

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