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They keep sending back a letter (1 year instead of the 30 days required), stating the request is "frivolous or irrelevant" and therefore no investigation is warranted. These people have lied about the collection to the credit companies and will not rectify the discrepancy. This has continued for the last 2 years and now I am considering suing this agency for liable. My attorney is confident they... Read more

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pay your debts and you have no problems little do people know cavps is here to help at the end of the day wouldnt be in business had you paid your DEBT Add comment

I was hit with a wage garnishment 3 days before my pay period on a check that I normally use for rent. That being said, I had heard nothing from this company since 2009 - they have not tried to contact me or keep in touch with me, nor was there any attempt to give me a chance to pay off the amount, which is a paltry amount, and if they had, I would have made arrangements. Not only have I not... Read more

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Staff Member was rude, presumptuous and arrogate. I felt threatened and accused of a crime. I would not recommend you use them to collect a debt. Robert Williams was "the mediator" and called me on a debt which was beyond the statue of legal limitations in Florida. This firm has a goal of threatening people to earn a buck. The initial call was misleading. The called James indicated that a... Read more

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Received a summons and complaint. Told woman who was serving it was not me. The middle initial was not mine and it was the first time I ever seen that bill. I watched her right in front of me change the middle initial on her copy of summons. I gave a letter to the courts w/bill n copy of summons and sent it to their law office certified mail. Today I received a pre-trial date and it is... Read more

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I am paying on a very very. Old car loan from 1995 I am making mouthly payments on the account they call me everyday for more money to make a bigger payment on the old car loan account I do not have the car anymore but I still own the debt I am trying to clean up my credit so I can better my self and my life Add comment

I have a very old car loan from 1995 I make monthly payments on the old car account to cavalry portfolio services They keep calling ever day asking me for more money and a bigger payment ever mouth I can not work I am on social security I do not have the car anymore Add comment

Cavalry has been calling my work cellphone multiple times a day looking for a woman that I DO NOT know. They insist that I am lying and that I must know her. I have never met the woman - she does not work for me and never has. It has gotten to the point where I had to buy another cellphone for work and now they are calling that number too. Read more

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I was told I owe for citifinancial debt. When I call citi they say they have no record of me owing debt. Calvary now uses a subsidiary dynamic that reports back to them huge scam artists Add comment

I received a call today from Calvary Portfolio Services. They were looking for my ex wife. The employee asked me if I lived at the address on the account, I told her no. It was the address of my ex wife. She then proceeded to ask me questions about the debt and if I was willing to pay it off. I told her that I didn't have a dime to pay towards the debt. She then began to belittle me and... Read more

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